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Updated Monday March 18, 2019 by Moriches Bay Little League.

Q: What league division should my child be playing in?

A: The Little League Age Chart (see "Downloadable Forms & Files" to the left) provides the determination of baseball / softball age but basically here are the age ranges for the leagues:

Baseball:   T-Ball- 5-6 years old    AA- 7 & 8 years old                              AAA- 9 & 10      Majors- 11 &12 years old

Softball:     Minors 6-9 years old              Majors- 9-12 years old


Q: Can my son/ daughter play on the same team as their friends?

A: In the younger age categories we do our best to accomodate all requests.  When registering online- write a note in the comment section to inform us.  

To keep a competitive balance, the players of Baseball AAA/Majors and Softball Majors will tryout and a draft will take place to create teams.


Q: My kids are similar in age.  Will they play together?

A: Siblings of similar age, playing in the same division, will play on the same team (request it or write it in the comment section when registering online so we don't overlook it).


Q: What days are the games and practices?

A: Every effort is made in the younger divisions to keep a set weekly game schedule; however, weather can seriously impact the scheduling.  A practice schedule will be set by our volunteer coaches.  Majors and AAA divisions will have a flexible Monday-Friday game schedule. 

The AA division will play games on Mondays/Wednesdays while the Tee Ball division will play their games on Tuesdays/Thursdays.


Q: Are there games on weekends?

A: In the younger divisions very few if any games are played on weekends.  We have a special fundraiser event called "Day at the Ballpark" each year on a Saturday in May which will be promoted for all to attend.  There will be more information about this day as it approaches.


Q: Can my 4-year-old play t-ball?

A: Yes, players born on or before August 31st are eligible to play tee ball.


Q: What if my child is born after August 31st (still four years old)?  Is there any way he/she can still play?

A: We make an exception only if a parent agrees to register to volunteer to help out with the team.  Please do not volunteer if you think your child is not ready to play and be part of the team.  You will have to register at one of our in-person registrations or contact us over the phone (see "Contact Us" in the left menu on the home page for the current phone number).  Three-year-olds are too young to play!