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Updated Thursday March 1, 2018 by Moriches Bay Little League.

Q: What league division should my child be playing in?

A: The Little League Age Chart (see "Downloadable Forms & Files" to the left) provides the determination of baseball / softball age but basically here are the age ranges for the leagues:

Baseball:   T-Ball- 5-6 years old    AA- 7 & 8 years old                              AAA- 9 & 10      Majors- 11 &12 years old

Softball:     Minors 6-9 years old              Majors- 9-12 years old


Q: Can my son/ daughter play on the same team as their friends?

A: In the younger age categories we do our best to accomodate all requests.  To keep competitive balance, the players of Baseball AAA/Majors and Softball Majors will tryout and a draft will take place to create teams.


Q: My kids are similar in age.  Will they play together?

A: Siblings of similar age, playing in the same division, will play on the same team (request it).


Q: What days are the games and practices?

A: Every effort is made in the younger divisions to keep a set weekly game schedule; however, weather can seriously impact the scheduling.  A practice schedule will be set by our volunteer coaches.  Majors and AAA divisions will have a flexible Monday-Friday game schedule.  The AA division will play games on Mondays/Wednesdays and the Teeball division will play their games on Tuesdays/Thursdays.


Q: Are there games on weekends?

A: In the younger divisions very few if any games are played on weekends.  We have a special fundraiser event called "Day at the Ballpark" each year on a Saturday in May which will be promoted for all to attend. 


Q: Can my 4-year-old play t-ball?

A: Yes, players born on or before August 31st are eligible to play tee ball.


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